Transforming Dreams into professional Success....

General secretary & correspondent

As you enter the world of professional education, I am sure there is great expectation and apprehension about the future. You are confronted with many life-touching questions. The decisions you make today are so formative that we shape a substantial part of your whole life ahead and assured, the students are groomed carefully. The virtues of hard work, discipline and ethical practices in their profession are imbibed in them constantly during their campus life.

We constantly upgrade our resources to ensure that our students are well versed with the latest advancements. Moreover, the students extensively participate in various tech events to showcase the technical skills they have instilled over the years. The college maintains the immaculate placement records it has catered to for all these years, thus ensuring the quality and demand which invokes students from far and wide to become a part of this institution.

The prime goal of quality education is to mould promising individuals into substantial personalities, ready to face today’s expeditious corporate world. I welcome to an exciting Bachelors and Postgraduate program in Engineering, Pharmacy and Management.

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